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Techbeards Ltd was established as a source for IT support, tips and reviews of various IT related things. Below is a short list of some of the things you will find on this website

Tech Support

We offer technical support to businesses that might need it with our expertise in IT, from repairing/upgrading an individual computer to managing an entire IT infrastructure. Our aim is affordable IT support that works first time everytime. For more details please Contact Us

Tech Tips

We are working on a series of technical videos showing useful information for end users. This could range from how to install Windows for the first time, how to optimise Windows for maximum performance all the way to dealing with viruses.

Tech Reviews

We will be completing a series of video reviews of computer hardware as well as discussing which technology we would recommend for those on a budget or those simply wanting the best. As well as ways to optimize the setup of such technology.


Our gaming series will also be covering all aspects of gaming even linking into the technology that drives it. Below you will find a list of what we cover as well as links to the various sections.

Gaming Reviews

Our gaming reviews series will also be video based we will be playing games ranging from triple A titles to Indie on a multitude of platforms and giving our honest opinions of what we think of them.

Gaming Playthroughs

Our gaming playthroughs series features video game playthroughs of various games ranging from brand new cutting edge triple A titles (like Battlefield and Call of Duty series) to Indie titles.

Gaming Retro

Retro games are games which are no longer available brand new in normal shops. Here you will find reviews and playthroughs of Retro Games and the hardware it runs on in our Retro Games Series.

Our News

Here you will find out what we have been upto and when and be able to more easily keep a track of whats new from us.

21th November 2016

New Website

Our basic website has done its job and now it was time for something fresh and new, so today we updated to our new website layout.

20th November 2016

Website update

Website overhaul, 100% HTML5 and CSS compliant. Mission statement added and brief description of what we are aiming to do.

19th November 2016

We launched our new Facebook page

Our new Facebook page was unveiled please feel free to follow us on Facebook for the latest updates

18th November 2016

Twitter & Instagram accounts launched

Today we launched our brand new Twitter and Instagram accounts, feel free to follow us to keep upto date with what we are up to.

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