About Us

Techbeards Ltd - How it all began

Techbeards was established in 2015 originally as an IT support company. After sometime we noticed a lot of our clients had very similar issues which could easily be aided by instructional videos. This is when we decided to look at making Technical Tips a series of IT related instructional videos. This seemed to be quite successful. We have since established Techbeards Ltd in 2016 so we can now expand into reviews of various IT related things and publish videos into the public domain with the aim to help as many people as we can.

Our History


Formerly part of another IT Support company, we saw a need which was not being met and decided that splitting was a logical solution.

Apr 2015

With our newly established support team we ventured forwards into filling a void.

Sep 2015

After completing a list of the most common issues our clients faced we created several step by step tutorial videos and gave them to our clients for free. This made an immediate impact on the amount of calls we got regarding the issues and quick resolution for those who weren't aware as we could use the videos as a tool to help our clients learn more.

Nov 2015

After discussions with our at the time parent company it was agreed we would part ways in late 2016, however still supply support media under a new contract to our previous owners.

Aug 2016

Techbeards Ltd was officially born and registered at Companies House. Our infrastruture was completed and several clients from our previous parent company were passed over to us so we could meet their needs to a better standard.

Sep 2016

We officially registered our Youtube channel and created our our yet to be published Facebook page.

Nov 2016

We created more social media accounts, enter Techbeards Twitter and Instagram. We also went live with our Facebook page. We even overhauled our website to make it a bit more user friendly.