Ebay join the fight against scalpers

: The SNES Mini Saga

06-July-2017 Article by Cj

Ebay have today started to pull listings of the new SNES Mini from its site in an effort to combat the growing SCALPERS movement that has been appearing in recent years.

Unless you have been living under a rock you have undoubtedly heard of a Japanese company called Nintendo. Nintendo are legends in their own right in the video game industry and introduced several world-wide recognised characters such as Mario (Mr.Video or Jumpman as he was back in 1981), Samus from the Metroid Series and Link the hero from The Legend of Zelda Series to name but a few.

Nintendo had a hit home console called the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) back in the 80s and a series of quite amazing games for the time. In a bid to cash in on the nostalgia of many a child from that time they have released a console which has been coined "The NES Mini", in limited numbers. These went up for pre-order and for many since then have been impossible to purchase due to scalpers cornering the market on the limited quantity to just then throw them on Ebay for prices often in excess of 4x their original purchase price. This sort of practice has given Ebay a bit of a bad reputation with some consumers and this hasn't gone unnoticed by the Ebay executives, so when Nintendo announced "The SNES Mini" (Super Nintendo Entertainment System), for pre-order and promised a much larger volume of consoles this time.

This time, Ebay were ready and waiting for the scalpers to start to show their ugly faces.

As per last time (with the NES Mini) the SNES Mini is proving next to impossible to pre-order via retailers as its literally selling out within an hour or so of going up on sale, this situation is only being made worse than those profiting from the demand for Nintendo's consoles and trying to cash in via Ebay listing their pre-orders for massively inflated prices. Ebay have been striving to counter this however by regularly pulling SNES Mini listings.

A representative of Ebay has explained the reason for deleting all the listings. It is apparently due to the marketplace's policy to only allow items to be sold that will be delivered to customers within a reasonable time. This seems quite interesting as it sounds an awful lot like the scalpers can list their bounty for sale much closer to the release date successfully, so although it increases the risk to the scalpers of more stock equalling less demand it doesn't really prevent them making their pound of flesh off the impatient consumer who just want to relive their youth.

"We will remove listing for pre-release items and accessories if the release date of the item is more than 30 days away," said an Ebay spokesperson.

There currently (at the time of writing this) is no pre-order consoles available anywhere (sorry guys), however Nintendo have promised they are going to increase production so it is worth checking with retailers regularly if they have any extra pre-order allocation and if you can pre-order one of these incredibly sort after flashbacks to our childhood.

The SNES mini is set to be one of this Christmas's IN DEMAND presents, let’s hope Nintendo can deliver enough units this time, and quickly.

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